Monday, 31 July 2017

Daren and Corné { Couple Shoot }

Beverley M. Photography

It all began many years ago at a wine and cheese festival when Daren noticed Corné at a cupcake stall. Don't you just love it when cupcakes become matchmakers? What can I say, I'm all for it, folks.

Long story short, they got hitched and the rest is the beautiful history they are busy creating together. 

Oh! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing these two together. The laughs, their connection to each other and having the opportunity to capture two lovely human beings scrunched up next to each other in a wild and messy fern forest - that's my cup of tea(well, ok, a less wild and messy fern forest would have actually been ideal).

Daren and Corné, y'all stole the show! 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Anita { Creative Collaboration Shoot - Part 1 }

Beverley M. Photography

In my journey through life, I've been blessed to meet many wonderful people. I've also had the marvelous opportunity to cross the path of people I like to call, 'golden'. Golden folk have this way of making you see life from a different perspective, usually having such a refreshingly genuine take on things that you can't help but feel inspired. Inspired to do stuff and not just try. Glory days, where did that little motivational speech come from? 


Anita, she's a golden. She's also a creative. 

So, after a creative brainstorm with her(over tea and chocolate chip cookies), we made our way into the forest. Our shoot itinerary consisted of: a dog, a chair, more cookies, a flask and mugs, apples, photographs..and so much other stuff we nearly never made it out of the forest again. We also had so many creative ideas and not enough time, hence the whole 'part 1' thing. Part 2 will follow when we get another chance to shoot together again.